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Royal Canin Maxi Starter 15 Kg

Inspired by Professional research,
BIRTH PROGRAMME is a unique nutritional
solution which meets the needs of the
bitch and her puppies during the
first five stages of their life
cycle: gestation, birth, lactation, weaning,
and growth up to 2 months old.

1,760.00 EGP

Royal Canin Medium Adult 4 Kg

Helps maintain an ideal weight with
an adapted energy intake.
Helps ensure optimal digestion
of food with very high quality proteins
and a balanced intake of dietary fibre.
Selected natural flavours plus
a special size, shape and texture of kibble.

430.00 EGP

Royal Canin Medium Junior 16 Kg

Medium Junior dog food for puppies
and young dogs of medium-sized
breeds (11 - 25 kg)

1,395.00 EGP

Royal Canin Mini Adult

Special texture, shape and size of
kibble, plus selected natural flavours
and perfect preservation help satisfy
fussy appetites.Sulphur amino-acids,
omega 6 fatty acids and vitamin A
help nourish the coat.Sodium
polyphosphates help reduce
the development of tartar

260.00 EGP

Royal Canin Mini Junior

Small dogs have a very short and
intensive growing period.
If supplied with sufficient energy
and protein they will multiply their
body weight by 20 within 10 months.
Small dogs who are fed correctly
as puppies may reach an age of 13 to 16 years

280.00 EGP

Royal Canin Pug Adult

dry dog food developed especially
for pugs from 10 months,
with nutrient complex for healthy
skin and special kibble shape to
aid feeding and encourage chewing

255.00 EGP