Hugx Dog Bowl Large

Price: 300.00 EGP
Our price: 250.00 EGP
Weight: 0 kg
Dimensions: 0 cm x 0 cm

Hugx pet bowls are designed to ensure
both you and your pet have your needs
met. Available in three contemporary
colors to complement any kitchen interior,
it is sophisticated and functional and a great
gift for any discerning pet parent.

Other Information:

Feeding our pets is part of our daily routine.
With Hugx Pet Bowls, you can be sure your
cat or dog will enjoy the most pleasant dining
experience. Designed especially for the
contemporary home, these bowls have the
ergonomic look of a stylish appliance rather than
a simple pet bowl, with rust-proof aluminum
construction and a high gloss ABS plastic bowl
and matching rubber “paws”. It also features a
special angle, that ensures that pets wearing
veterinary collars can eat or drink without
disturbance; by turning the bowl 180 degrees
in its stand you can actually control the amount
of food it holds. Everything you could have wished
for in a bowl – It is pet perfect

Size : Large

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